Leica Showcase Leica Collapsible 5cm F2 Summicron-M


Sydney, NSW, Australia
My 1954 collapsible Summicron - M f2/5cm. Although recently CLA'd there remains a little haze which doesn't seem to impair the results.

The below image was made with my lens wide open. WW II Yugoslavian? Veterans on ANZAC Day 2018 Sydney
Yugoslavian Vets -ANZAC Day 2018.jpg
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The serial number indicates mine as being a 1956 model. There seems to be some difficulty securing a good copy and as documented previously on this forum, even before you get to the fungus/ haze issue, it seems most of these I saw had some form of scratching on the front element however, I seemed to come across a good copy. Silly me also acquired a sooky close focusing adapter in my excitement to go with the lens, but the lens is an M not LTM mount so that renders the adapter useless (I wonder whether it can be used for a later Elmar/ Summitar purchase?). Anyway, as someone who chooses lenses for the way they render as opposed to anything else, I love it and actually preferenced it over a Summilux type 2.

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