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Expired Leica DLux5, leather case and Photographers Guide to DLux5 by AS White and Warranty

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wiltshire, UK
Leica Camera AG - Photography - D-LUX 5

Camera is in excellent condition, no marks, scuffs or screeches that i can find after a close inspection. The case is a Leica copy. leather tan and soft suede inside. Bought in January 2011 and so the Leica Passport has just under two and half years to run. The Leica Passport will be fully transferred to new owner, allowing them access to Adobe Lightroom 3 for full download. Obviously comes will all chargers leads and manuals and software. Battery is in excellent condition and still maintains a good charge.

The camera is located in the UK (wiltshire). Happy to sell it overseas once the prospective buyer and I have agreed the most appropriate method of postage. The sale price is £500 UK Sterling. This includes postage and packing in the UK. an additional cost will be added for postage overseas by negotiation.

The camera has had about 1000 actuations. If anyone can tell me how to check the actual amount I shall do so.

am selling as I now have a Fuji X100 and am neglecting my Canon 7d and kit (i feel a little guilty).

i don't want to get into the technical details as i am quite sure you are as knowledgable as me on photography (to a lesser or greater degree). Suffice to say, this camera does take excellent photographs. I also understand that Leica may well be doing a firmware update for this camera in the next few months. Not sure if this is just a rumour because Panasonic LX% is having one, but there we go.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. please note this camera is not on ebay!!!!

Thank you for looking.


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