Leica Showcase Leica LUX iPhone camera app


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Wow 😳 Leica has introduced Leica LUX camera app for iPhone (at least)

This is the first test run in Aperture mode f/1.4

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I was ready to poo poo this I mean it sounds a bit ridiculous paying $8 per month. Then I saw some of the images and thought oh dear, they actually do look quite genuine, well, at least the b&w images I’ve seen. Don’t mind admitting I’ve been quite impressed in terms of the look. But no, not $8 per month, this is not PS.
Looks interesting. Say, does this app emulate Leica lenses and FF look or is this a connection app / remote control for a camera?
It is emulator and I haven't paid the subscription, free version has only one lens and couple colour modes. I'll give it a try and then judge whether worth the subscription or not. The Aperture mode is what I'm looking for, app is easy enough compared to standard iPhone camera app, that it might be useable.