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Another BW from my 1st roll I developed this last Saturday
ZM 50mm f/1.5 C-Sonnar T*/Tmax-100

The Sonnar formula lenses were designed in a day when there were no lens coatings. The optical formula minimized the number of reflections. A Single-Coated Sonnar is about like a multi-coated modern lens.

These are all in-camera JPEG, everything set to "standard contrast" on the M8.


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Congratulations Deirdre! Is that might Redwood right near where you live? I just came back from your Flickr stream - have to say that I love the berries one - what a vortex effect!

I'll be looking forward to hearing about how you find this camera to be when you've had more time with "her". I don't know why, but I always think of cameras in the feminine.:biggrin:
Brian, do you get rangefinder coupled focus with that lens?

Deirdre, I do these conversions myself. The process is posted in Amin's ziforums.com.

The CZJ Sonnar to LTM Conversion - Zeiss User Forums

I use a Russian Jupiter-3 focus mount, take the optics module out of it. I transplant the optics module from the Contax RF lens into it, and shim it to properly focus with a Leica camera. I've done 15 conversions, kept three for myself- all a little bit different. One is a 1935 lens with coated front element, another is all uncoated, and the third is an early coated lens. I'm somewhat of a Sonnar fanatic.
This shot is wide-open and close-up on the Leica M8, using the Rangefinder for focus. This is conversion #15. It took about 8 hours to clean the optics, clean and lube the focus mount, and get the lens to work with this accuracy. Two set screws had to be drilled out. Some of these 70+ year old lenses need some work. This is a 1938 Uncoated 5cm F1.5 Sonnar.

100% Crop:

You have to get the shim within 0.02mm for this accuracy, and pick the F-Stop that you want to optimize for. The Sonnar focus shift going from F1.5 to F4 is enough to throw the focus off. I generally optimize for F1.5 or F2, depending on how a lens will be used. Optimize for F2 means F1.5 will front-focus ever-so-slightly, and F4 will back-focus just a little. But both will be useable.
1939 Carl Zeiss Jena 5cm F1.5 Sonnar "T" again, at F4:

Leica M8 and 1939 CZJ Sonnar "T" 5cm F1.5, at F4.

At F2.8:

And any blurriness.... Subject Moved during the Exposure.

I can still push the tire swing, get some shots in between pushes. I love playgrounds.


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