Leica Showcase Leica M Image Thread


Jul 13, 2010
Sunny Frimley
Goodwood Revival 2014.

If there's one place where autofocus it's needed, it's here! Sooo many missed opportunities whilst I fiddled with my rf. The stupid thing is that since it went back to Germany and they recalibrate it, the focus in the RF doesn't match the one in the Oly EVF which made me double question every shot. By the time I lined up a shot, someone would cross in front as I pressed the shutter! Here are a few from an uncomfortable crowded event.

I also noticed that I now have two dust spots and what looks like a dog hair on my sensor:( I set up some shots and waited for people to walk into them but they were all so polite that they stood aside and waited for me to take the shot without them! The English are a bit over polite sometimes....

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