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Sep 4, 2010
samples - Thanks, that would be great
well.... sorry I won't be able too. I just sold it.... for the final payment towards the 50mm lux that replaced it. It went to a local fellow who I know will enjoy it.

No doubt a great lens though....


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Sep 26, 2010
It's not a great photo, granted. But look at the lens!

This is a 51-year-old Leica 135mm Hektor. It's a 24-second shot taken on a tripod -- I needed an infinity test for the lens and had put it off during the day. Now I'm glad I did because the pinpoints of light make the quality of the lens so much more apparent.

This is a 100% crop.

The bright blow-out is Oakland airport about 30kms away, the near trees are maybe 1km and the far trees about 3kms.

Oh, yeah, and it ran me $90 including the screw-to-M-mount adapter. Criminally cheap.

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Jul 7, 2010
betwixt and between
Ooo, all you Leica folks. Keep 'em coming!

Deirdre, I hadn't noticed your title on this last one and it is exactly what I thought of as I looked at this picture. :biggrin:


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Aug 25, 2010
S W France
This scene is so European to my foreigner's eyes! It's even got the mini in the background.

Where's the dentist? Is it the white building? I see an Indian restaurant.
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Nov 29, 2010
Melbourne, Australia
I have a filmmaking shot in mind so I interpreted it as a zoom accompanied by the Psycho strings as heard in the shower scene! Only because dentists scare the crap out of me. I haven't been to the dentist for 20 years now. In fact the last teeth-related person I saw was the orthodontist who had just taken off my braces, I didn't even go back for the final couple of visits which means there is a small metal bar still holding my four bottom front teeth together. It's never been removed and has been there for pretty much the past 20 years.

(Nice lens by the way...! Sharp enough to read the little signs in those crops)
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