Leica Leica M Monochrom Firmware released-

Loaded fine into the camera, I have set to discrete mode as I have the M9 and M8. We'll find out shooting it next time out.

8th Grade Math Homework to do now...
Using the camera in Discrete mode could cause the firmware to crash and require the battery be removed to restart. I never had that happen, BUT- sometimes the camera would hesitate advancing the shutter after letting up on the shutter release for several seconds. I figure it was busy moving a buffer, writing to disk, and "forgot" to poll the release. I'm surprised that it took so long to get the fix out, so it might have required some major rework.
I've also been using discreet mode. The only time I "think" there is a difference between the M Monochrom and M9: if I release the shutter on the Monochrom after the camera is well into the buffer write, it waits a bit to advance the shutter. The M9- always advances as soon as I letup. BUT- much better than the old firmware, and have not had to pull the battery. That would be a fun one to chase down...

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