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Great street shots Dave and "Air Frog USMC". Still deciphering that name, tell me if it has a different meaning!

Leopold- welcome aboard, and thankyou for the images. "Preset Overdose", too funny.

Some from me, from Today at the Manassas Battlefield Park, probably the first Memorial Day monument.

Note that the Cannon muzzles are not plugged. The Bluebirds noticed as well, and several were home to baby birds.


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Thankyou for that!

After being a Waco Glider Pilot, then B-29's in WW-II, and then when the Air Force split off from the Army: Tank Commander- My Dad was an Airborne Instructor at Ft Benning after the Korean War.


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I hate this thread b/c it makes me want to purchase an MM, I'm sort of regretting not saving up longer and purchasing a MM rather than the M-E. I read that when you purchase an MM you have access to a high quality printing service. For those of you with the MM, have you used this printing service yet and if so how do you like it? Is there a charge for the service and if so is it reduced in cost since it's part of the MM package? I'm just wondering (and try to build justification on why I need this body).


Same feeling here except I may save up for the MM rather than replace my M8 with an M9 next year when second-hand M9s are cheaper. The MM seems like a camera for life to me which is a very rare thing in this modern world.

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