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I couldn't see a thread for the M7, so I've started one.

I'm not sure if everyone (anyone) will agree but I've found the M7 to be the least "Leica" camera I've used as it has an on/off button, aperture priority metering and an exposure lock function when keeping the shutter release half depressed. These features appeal to me and are a contrast to my M6.

Anyway, these are a few shots I've taken since acquiring the M7 at the end of 2015.

The burial site is Wayland Smithy on The Ridgeway (50mm Summicron). The lake with boats is Derwent Water near Keswick and the one with a tree in the foreground is Wastwater, looking eastwards down Wasdale (last two are 35mm Summicron)

Tri-X (I think) but I processed the scans in Lightroom CC and made some tweaks in Nik Silver Efex Pro 2, so it's a way from being authentic Tri-X. Although this one wasn't taken on colour film, I often shoot Portra 400 and convert to mono as it scans really well and, if the colours are a bit dull / lifeless, I experiment a bit and have usually been able to get something passable from using the software, above.


Funny thing - of the few times I used TriX, the grain always looked like digital noise to me (although I didn't know digital then). I must have used the wrong developer. In the late 80's I used a b&w film that was developed using a color developer, like Costco and other quick-processors use. That one looked creamy-smooth to me.

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