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Yup... there is pre-visualization and simply just knowing your lenses intimately. I'm not going to lie... it takes practice. You can "know" how a 28mm lens will render the subjects as opposed to 50mm. You can become familiar with what f/2.8 looks like as opposed to f/8. etc..

The other side of the DOF is that SLRs always focus wide-open.... DOF is shallow and you can loose touch with what exactly is in the background. RF not so much.. you can see and react to subjects in the background, just outside the frame, and what is coming/going in/out of the frame.

That's a very interesting perpective on estimating depth of field. Being an SLR user I have become accustomed to working in the opposite direction - seeing the minimum depth of field and visualising what the final image will look like depending on the aperture set. I rarely use the depth of field preview button. I agree that an SLR can be limiting in terms of seeing outside the frame. You can offset this by opening your left eye briefly but unless you have a standard lens fitted it is easy to make your brain hurt by seeing through each eye at a different magnification!

Thanks for the responses.


Kal, if you'd like to post a link to David's M8 landscape page that really pushed you over, I know he is AOK with our linking his blog here.

I'm sure you and your M8 will be very happy together once you get together, and I'll be looking forward to hearing about your meet up.:flowers_2:

This was the set of David's that I was referring to, I fully understand the an M8 is just another camera, and the making of good shots is down to me - but I like the headroom :)

I'm just keeping my eyes open for one now, so if anyone has a body they would like to pass on, I'm here.


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Thanks for that link, Kal and I don't blame you for being drawn in.

so if anyone has a body they would like to pass on, I'm here.
Taken out of context this could lead one to all sorts of speculations. Maybe you should post it in the Members Buy, Sell & Trade forum?:D


I'm not sure I fully get understand the "body joke", maybe it will come with the roll of years :smile:
I just thought I'd check back in and say - I'm not getting one. Not an M8, and not yet anyway.
After several days with my ears towards anything flagged "M8" I have decided to sit on my money and wait it out.

I am more than just superficaially happy with m4/3 - I just shot a wedding (available light, as a guest, not a pro) over the weekend and it was great. I think I fired about 500 times over the course of the day, shuffling between my two batteries and two primes.
I'd say 10% missed focus or were otherwise bummed as a result of camera error - about 50% of the "good" ones were just poorly composed / exposed or ill timed (human error). However |50| were good enough to develop in B&W and print out for the B&G (of which about |10| are IMHO really nice pictures)

I don't think using an M8 would have made a noticable positive difference - since I would still be the weak link in the chain. And with the m4/3 consortium growing, I think waiting is a good idea.

Thanks for your suggestions though peeps, it's been a good couple of weeks thinking over for me.

PS. If the B&G OK it, i'll put some of the wedding pics up for critique. The PL45 really does shine.


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Sure, post some photos, we'd love to see them.
It's a good thing to wait it out. I myself am waiting to see what m43 developes.
You may find the X100 to satisfy the RF thing. I'm counting on that myself.
The M8 is a good camera, the M8.2 a better camera and the M9 a great camera.
Of course the lenses are the real ace in the hole.

I dream of a RF Pen# something.