Leica Q sample 1080p video - nighttime - Water Fountain


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Jul 11, 2010
Melbourne, Australia
Looks at least as good as the Sony RX1 videos I've seen, and for Leica, that's a good thing. Not to mention that it's way better than the execrable noisy mush that comes out of the Ricoh GR. Does it seem to have image stabilization during video?


It is stabilized - I had it partly braced, but even when I panned slightly, there was no shake, not even a little. I was on ISO 200 and it recorded fine, although several other cameras I have or had will not work in low light unless set to auto-ISO. I'll have to test some other things. BTW, the darker areas of the video look really good and relatively noise-free, stepping thru the frames, and this is the only camera I've had that does that well with nighttime video.

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