News Leica Q Test Shots at 28/35/50.



Here's my favorite test shot, for the Q this time. JPEG only, defaults, using 28/35/50 framing, auto-exp., ISO 200, auto-WB, IS=ON, auto-focus on bird, held in hand but braced against a table. The exposure changed slightly (and no.2 looks slightly out of focus), but after looking at these at 100 percent I can see that the crop is very clean and nothing seems to be lost except the cropped-off portions. There's a lot of daylight coming from a window behind the camera, but because of the overhead light seen here, the camera kept setting the auto-WB color redder or warmer on the 28 mm framing only. I wonder about the lack of clarity on no.2, insofar as older cameras with in-lens IS/VR warned to turn off the IS when the camera was on a tripod or otherwise physically stabilized. But since I always shoot bursts unless doing a time exposure, I won't worry about it.


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