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Here is the first leaked image and specs of upcoming Leica Q Type 116 fixed lens FF camera. Price was rumored around $4500/4000 Euro:
  • Lens: Summilux 1: 1.7 / 28mm ASPH
  • 24MP CMOS full frame sensor
  • Made in Germany
  • Full HD Video
  • Built-In Wi-Fi
  • Remote control possible from smartphones and tablet
  • The top of the cover is machined aluminum
  • The body is magnesium
  • Touch panel
  • Focus peaking
  • Live View zoom
  • EVF is 3.68 million dot
  • Image processing engine new Maestro II
  • Continuous shooting up to 10 frames / sec.
  • Highest sensitivity ISO 50000

I suspect it does set the Bar for the next M-Mount camera. I would expect the next M to retain the Rangefinder mechanism of the Model 240, and to upgrade to this new EVF for an external add-on. The main draw of the viewfinder camera is being able to see outside the frames for composition and awareness. And EVF does not allow for that.

ISO 50,000 with the new sensor. Either they are off my a factor of 10, or they just made the M246 obsolete just out of the gate.

Leica should have waited on this camera until the new M is announced, and should make the new M platform available in monochrome and color models.

As it is now- everyone knows what to expect with the next M, and the M240 and M246 lose their appeal.
I hope it uses the higher resolution EVF. The M240 was introduced with an "old already" EVF. If Leica has the experience with this better one, would make more sense to introduce the latest M camera with the best in class for sensor, viewscreen, and EVF. Three year product cycles are hard enough to deal with, but handicapping a new design by using older tech makes it worse. If the M is to be the premier camera, it should offer the best across the board technology.

Of course, my M9 and M Monochrom are the BEST CCD cameras offered to date. I'll upgrade when a better CCD camera comes along. I wonder if a camera manufacturer has seen the new 32MPixel CCD from Dalsa. Phase 1 is using the "big brother" 60MPixel version of this CCD in their new monochrome camera.


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Now really, would you buy a f/1.7 Summilux?

IMO it should not be called a summilux unless it's actually f1.4. They should have named it something along the lines of nocticron. I don't think the m4/3 PL 15mm should be called a summilux either, particularly b/c the PL 25mm is a true summilux.

I'm guessing the 28mm FL is for the selfie demographic
They should have brought back the Summitar name for this F1.7 lens.

They brought back Summarit, which of course was used for the 5cm F1.5 lens- somehow ended up being F2.4 and F2.5 in the modern incarnation. F1.7 is much closer to F1.5, but the modern lenses are slow by comparison to the original. I suspect that prevented the "Summarit" name from going onto the lens.


I got the idea from a few threads that some people were expecting a detachable lens? If it's 28 mm fixed it would be a very brave move by Leica. I had the Nikon 'A' with the 28 mm lens - used it some - extremely convenient, and it fit the Leica D-Lux6 case like hand in glove. I had the X1 - 35 mm - I shot more with it than any other camera - cannot explain, just a lovely little uniquely Leica with images that credit its name. So based on my limited experience with fixed (non-removable non-zoom) lens cameras, from the Rollei pocket 35 to these, I'm feeling a strong urge toward this little beastie. Two things will be the decider - if they use this body finish, and if they make a case like the 18709/18727 etc.

Edit: My love for the X1 may have something to do with the general shape that resembled old Leicas - the knobs at the top - just a slight resemblance, but very cool.

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