Leica Leica Reveals Mirrorless Non-Rangefinder Compact System Camera in Development


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In a surprise announcement, Leica chairman Andreas Kaufmann and CEO Alfred Schopf revealed to members of the UK press that a new Leica compact system camera is in development. They revealed that the sensor size will be at least APS-C and that we will see the new system at Photokina in September 2012.

No additional details were provided, although Kaufman was quoted as saying "We will always do things differently... And we always take our time."

Source: British Journal of Photography via Quesabesde


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It's a Leica and therefore you don't want to know what the price is. Just shut your eyes and hand over your Amex Platinum. :)


Honestly, to me - half of the appeal of M-mount lenses is that they seem about as future proof as lenses are likely to get. They cover a full frame, and the size and quality is right.
Will the Leica ICL compact support adapted M lenses? More likely than not.


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Interestingly, many people seem to be assuming that this camera will be small, or smallish. I wonder if it is going to be a medium DSLR-sized body that can handle R-mount lenses?

I'm looking forward to it, but I'm trying to keep any assumptions out of the picture until it arrives. I doubt that it will accept M-mount lenses, as that would cut into the rangefinder sales.