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Took the SL2s and Sigma 35mm 1.2 combo out for the first time since I got the sigma lens. Haven't been anywhere outside the house to test until now. Having taken the M10 and 50mm Summilux and this set up to a car show at the weekend, my gut feeling is that this is going to be far too heavy for me ever to want to take it anywhere. I was much happier using the M10. At the moment I'm feeling that the M10 has a definite Leica look whereas this SL2s has nothing special about it other than it's build quality and ease of use. I posted some pics a while ago showing that there was almost no difference between the Sony A9 set up that I had and the SL2s and 50mm Summilux using manual focus. Now rethinking things once again!
I've never used a digital Leica camera, but I have used and own a Sony A9, and I can't imagine any Leica having any thing to offer over the A9, except maybe the opportunity to spend more money. I got my A9 to keep up with the growing grandkids. Haven't had much chance to use it for that but I'm sure it'll come in handy.
I can't wait to start going to car shows again, armed with the A9 and the 24mm Sony lens.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts and pictures of the car show. It is appreciated.
The Hostage .....

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he shook himself ..... :laugh1: