Leica Leica X-U Underwater Photo!

West Palm Beach, Florida
David H Dennis
Well, I have my X-U, and I really love it so far!

As you may know from my earlier posts, I vowed to be one of the first people not connected with Leica to shoot underwater with the X-U, so I come to redeem my promise :).

I'm not going to say this is a pretty image, but to my eye it shows an impressive amount of detail.


It's worth noting that this lake has very dirty water and so it would probably never be considered a candidate for taking gorgeous photos. Still, the facts will now show that I took one of the first underwater photos with the X-U by someone not directly connected to Leica :).

I think my video, also taken with the X-U, is fun. So far I think underwater video might be more appealing than underwater photography, and I'm very impressed by the X-U's video quality.

Hope you enjoy!

So you did select the underwater color on the rear-panel button?

I believe I did but am not 100% certain. You should be aware that conditions on my lake are very different from ocean conditions. The lake water is very dirty (i.e. filled with dirt particles – it's not unclean or insanitary but it definitely lacks clarity).

I tried the ocean today and the color came out very clear. My plan was to shoot fish in the tide pools at Bathtub Reef up in Jupiter. I found the tide pools but due to high tide and rough water there were no fish in them. So no pictures of interest, but here's a test shot in the ocean, showing the stage set, ready for the stars, but no stars yet present.


Again, there's nothing really interesting in that test shot, but colors look very accurate based on my recollection of what I saw. I plan to shoot more in the lake tomorrow as I wait for the ocean to calm down a bit.

I'm still learning, fumbling my way through this. I expect that by the time I take pictures from the yacht, hopefully next Sunday, I'll more or less know what I'm doing :).
Looks like you're well on your way to a whole new range of color experiences different from topside color. You could do recreational boating lots of places, but South Florida has the clearest water that I'm aware of.