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I have looked on the forum for 'cases' for the X1 and not found anything that applies to this.

Just to say that I have just received a Leica 'Transport' case colour is a lovely deep brown the feel of the leather is gorgeous the inside is a soft material (never thought I'd enthuse about a camera case)
The camera fits snugly but not too tightly; I bought my from R White Dorset online for £79.90. plus p&p which seems to be the cheapest in England.
I didn't feel the need for an ever-ready case because my photographic skills are definitely not of the quick shot type.

Cheers penny
Penny, I've heard the transport is very nice and would have gotten one myself, if it could fit the viewfinder, too. I guess I'm lazy and like to leave it on, so I have the choice. I'd love to see some of your X1 shots when you have the time to post or link. And you can add in a photo of the X1 in your new case, too.(y)

Hope these show ok taken with Pen EP1 which haven't used since getting X1.

You will see I have left the wrist strap on the camera which can be left hanging out of the side of the case or inside there appears to be plenty of room.
I have noticed the lens cap comes off if not put on the camera in a certain way.

Bit strange I think?

cheers penny


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Thanks Penny. It really does look very nice. Nice wrist strap, as well! I can definitely see the advantage of a nice simple case like this. For now I'm using a Domke wrap (with those velcro fasteners) for mine, and I carry it in whatever bag I have with me at the time. I do like the looks of this but then I'd have to have something to bring the viewfinder along in, too. Such challenges.;)

I have to wear both reading and distance glasses (age thing) so actually find the LCD easier with bifocals, I just wondered if a little case which comes with the every-ready case for the RV which is attached to the shoulder strap would be if it could be bought separately?
If however you want the RV permanently attached then your best with what you've got until somebody comes up with another option.

Bye the by the wrist strap was from Amazon 2 for I think a couple of £'s made for the games the kid's play.
This case looks nice!

Gariz case

[url=http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=190551677379&ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT#ht_4403wt_1185]GARIZ Leahter Halfcase for LEICA X1 CASE - eBay (item 190551677379 end time Aug-03-11 01:14:30 PDT)[/url]
This Gariz case looks like a quality product and it is good that you can remove the battery/card without removing the case .
I recently purchased a similar but much cheaper half case from Handmade half case for Leica X1 by Pacharak on Etsy
It is OK but the fit around the lh side of the lens ( artfully hidden in the photo ) is a bit tight ( or maybe my lens is in the wrong position Leica's QC nowadays leaves a lot to be desired) and you have to remove the case to access the battery/card which doesn't sound a big deal until you have to do it in the open air and you don't have a small coin to unscrew the case retaining screw .
If you have a viewfinder and are tempted into any case which requires the viewfinder to be removed to use the case you will regret it .
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