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The following was posted by an X1 owner on dpreview regarding the X1 firmware, thought there might be interest here.

The Post:

Yes, it's true. There's a beta version of the new firmware out.

I took the Leica X1 Workshop in San Francisco last weekend where the Leica rep had and X1 with the 2.0 software on it.

I was able to play with it for a few minutes and drill the Rep about what was coming, along with some suggestions.

The biggest improvement is the auto focus. I did about 20 test shots with my X1 in one hand and his v2.0 in the other. The v2.0 eight times out of ten focused almost twice as fast as v1.0.
A great improvement no doubt.

In v2.0 the manual focus is also improved, they increased the size of the focus scale or bar in the display to nearly fill the display along the bottom, and it now shows the size of the DOF by making the solid green bar that moves change in size with the aperture.
Anyways, the whole manual focus software seemed to just work easier.

They did not make the lens retract immediately upon power down.

No DNG only option. Though when asked I was answered with a suggestion that the camera needed the JPG for the review/preview and it was not likely change. "but I'm not an engineer"....

I was explained that this was just a Beta test and all changes were not implemented yet....

I was told we should see v2.0 in 6-8 weeks.


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I stopped in at Dale photo yesterday (I'm on vacation in the area) bought a thumbs up (well worth it) and was told to keep my fingers crossed that the firmware update might be out this month. No other firm details (speed up focus and on/off).


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I'm about to wave bye bye to my X1 tomorrow as a UPS truck will be taking it back to Solms for a minor repair (I hope!) My menu screen is a bit temperamental and jitters around crazily when I try to use the scroll wheel to select menu settings. This has been a minor problem from new but I decided to get if fixed before the warranty runs out. I've also asked them to tighten the two top wheels as they are apt to move positions whenever I take it out of the bag. I wonder if it will be returned with an updated firmware, we shall see :wink:


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Well, I booked it in a couple of weeks ago but, true to form I procrastinated and have only just packed it up for a pick up tomorrow. They were a bit doubtful about me getting it back before Christmas then and so I would think that there is even less chance by now. They did say it's normally about 3 weeks. I don't really mind as I'm not reliant on it. I'm really hoping that the firmware will coincide with it's visit to Germany and that Leica will do the update for me:)


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Yes, BB thanks for spending so much time looking at my flickr page, it's very much appreciated :) BTW, I had great news from my specialist today. I'm fine and whatever's been in my rib since the Summer seems to be actually almost healed and there's definitely NO CANCER return! So today is a good day and a weight has been lifted from my shoulders, so yay and double yay!!!!
as a sigma dp2 fan I feel a bit of an imposter on your upmarket thread and i must confess an x1 envy in relation to the high iso usability. however I can highly recommend stewart weirs x1 shots...have a look at his 23 fotos website and look at the barcelona section.....it's impressive stuff!!


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Well hooray for you and the other X1 folks!! it appears that they've really focussed on the manual focus aspects, for the most part. When I'd had the camera, I'd been hoping for a exposure lock option, myself.

Christina, please let us know what you think of the improvements with regard to your own use of the Leica X1.:thumbsup:


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Now that I've had a chance to look at firmware 2 I must say that I like the changes.

Some folk reckon that focusing is quicker but I can't say that I see any difference. Where it is quicker is when taking more than 1 shot. It doesn't hunt as much and locks the focus quickly for the second and following pictures.

Manual Focus is massively improved to the point where you would use this almost as often as AF.
The focusing speed has become a two speed affair with clearer markings and we now have a depth of field indicator just like the LX5.

It means that you can select an aperture and focus manually to achieve the zone focusing you want.

The X1 has become much more practical

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