Leica Leica X1 fixed focal length and SD cards

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2 questions here if you would be so kind.

Thing is I really am smitten with the Leica X1 and there is a shop here in the UK that has them in stock so I could get one next week but I still have reservations about the fixed focal length. Does anyone find it a problem and/or wished that it was interchangeable? The E-P2 would be better for this as I would use the 20mm Panny lens but would have the option to swap the lens for a zoom or whatever.

Also I have a spare 8GB SD card and was wondering if that would fill up pretty quick on an afternoons shooting. I know it all depends on how many shots I take etc but i would be shooting RAW and highest quality Jpeg also so it may fill up pretty quick. Any idea how many shots i would get on an 8Gig card at the highest quality for both Jpg and Raw?

Thanks in advance. (y)
I haven't felt that I wished the lens were interchangeable, yet. I've never owned a really long lens, at least not in years...and sometimes I wish I had one so I could get the rare photo that needs one. Rare for me, that is. This would not be a wildlife photographer's favorite camera, that's for sure! :D Nor would I be able to take photos of our daughter when she graduates from college, unless I were in the front row and even then chances are I'd be too far away - and I'm talking about a small college. However, you can see the kinds of photos I take, Andy, on my Flickr stream...and lately they've all been with this camera. Does that mean I won't use my other one, no...but I've been smitten, I guess.

Maybe you can try the camera out in the shop? I wish I lived nearby and I'd lend you mine! As for the SD cards, I'm afraid I can't answer that one..I'm oblivious, I'm afraid. There must be something written somewhere written about this. You can always get a bigger card or another one. I do have two batteries. Hope some other more experienced X1 folks will give you some feedback, as well.
I can't help you out on the SD card question, but I can provide some comments about a non-interchangeable, fixed focal length camera.

Before you decide, you must first analyze your style of photography. I see that you currently have an S90. Do you use the widest angle 90% of the time? What do you like to photograph? People? Architecture? Birds? Landscape? Sports? How close can you get to your favorite subjects?

Every camera, sensor, and lens have their limitations. Make a list of what you're gaining by getting a fixed prime lens. Then see if these gains are worth the limitations. With the DP1, I'm gaining a large-sensor, small body, and sharp lens with virtually no distortion. However, I'm limited with a relatively slow lens, no zoom, and awkward operation. I evaluated my shooting style and decided that the gains were well worth the cost.

The gains don't have to be technical. Some people chose the Leica D-LUX 4 over the Panasonic LX3. Why? Because <del>of the different lens coating and JPEG processing engine</del> it made them happier.

No matter what capabilities your camera has, you'll always want longer, wider, faster… the list goes on. You simply can't capture every moment. You just have to get the camera that best suits your style.
The X1 would suit my style very well. I did a count a while ago with a shed load of my images and found that 24mm [or thereabouts] was the most common focal length that I took. I don't use the S90 much so can't say what focal length I use from that.

When all is said and done it's down to image quality above ANYTHING ELSE! For that reason the X1 is the winner. Maybe if I find it limiting I'll get a E-P2 when funds allow then I'll have the best of both! :drinks:
I find using a fixed 35 FOV is perfect for me with the X1. Creatively, a fixed focal length spurs me to be more active in composition and selection. Also I always get confused with zooms! The IQ is outstanding, and a perfect companion to my M8/6.
Welcome msbel, and thanks for adding your views on the X1. Stop by the Welcomes and Introductions forum when you have a chance. I look forward to your involvement here and to seeing some of your photographs soon!
Many thanks.

So i estimate at least 320 images from 8Gig, hmm not bad at all. I have just found another 8Gig SDHC class 6 card and a 4Gig SDHC class 2 card so I'm sorted! Just need a camera to put them in!!:D

I received my X1 two days ago and had intended to 'post' my thoughts on this little Gem of a camera; like Andy I have been using a zoom camera for the last few years and the adjustment to the fixed lens I have found somewhat confusing (not the correct word I know) however I generally have to crop when all said and done.
I love the camera but do still have my Oly pen with its kit lens, the quality of the photos are incredible and ease of handling its retro look of the X1 was my main reason for choosing the rather (for me) expensive Leica.
If you have a shop nearby where you can handle the X1 suggest you do so before buying I ordered mine online without; but do wonder if anyone with big hands men in particular find this rather dantiy camera a bit awkward/fiddly and that is why 'some' have given it negative reviews?.

Cheers penny
Penny, thanks so much for giving Andy and all the rest of us reading this thread your views on the X1. I'm really looking forward to your sharing some of your photographs here.

By the way, speaking of hand sizes there are a number of folks...who swear by the Thumbs Up match Technical Services - Thumbs Up CSEP-2 quite a few over on L.Camera seem to love it. I had considered it but I don't really shoot one handed, so I'm fine with the camera as it is. I'm about 5' 9 inches tall and have fairly long fingers...I should have been a pianist :tongue: but I don't think I have "big" hands. For me the simplicity of controls are wonderful. All that said, it was a big change for me and I am still getting to know the camera.

Another option, if you do end up with the camera, might be the handgrip. David posted a great video about the camera on his blog, and he really seems to like the handgrip a great deal. You can check his video out here Soundimageplus: Leica X1 Andy, if you haven't seen this video yet, I think you'd find it interesting.
Thanks for the info etc. I have now purchased a GF1 as I don't think the fixed focal length will be enough so for now i'll use the GF1 and i will get the X1 when i have saved up a few more pennies! I really still want one but the GF1 is more 'needed' at the moment.