Leica Leica X1 Image Thread



A recent visit to a rather run-down English seaside resort gave an opportunity
to use the Leica X1 in "stealth mode"


It was " Glorious Goodwood" held at Goodwood racecourse in Sussex every year. It's a 4 day meet and includes a "Ladies Day" where the girls dress up in hats and silly shoes!
Very nice, Christilou - love the way you've picked on the light colored straw hats with their black bands and the swooping tents tops. There is a really lovely quality of light in this first one, too. There's a nostalgic feeling to this image - I think we could easily be back in the 50's or 60's. I really like this photograph very much.

Your second, to me, has a humorous side to it - those three singers with their matching white pumps, seen from above make me smile.

Were these post processed for the b&w or was that an in camera preset? Inquiring minds feel they need to know.
Hi BB, I think the thing about Goodwood is that they try to preserve that nostalgic quality of England in the fifties. It's owned by Lord March.

The girls were singing sort of Andrews Sisters numbers :) Both pics are B & W Jpgs produced in camera and not by any skill on my part I'm afraid!
Excellent, thanks for the history of Goodwood and your technical details, too.

When you choose this setting within the camera's menu, this only applies to the jpegs...so then the RAW will still be available as color, am I right? If so, this is a pretty cool option.:cool:
Yes, your DNG file will remain intact and you will also have a "cooked" jpeg in whatever you have chosen :) Most people seem to be complaining about not being able to shoot DNG alone but I've found it quite useful myself as the camera can produce a much better B & W than I ever could and yet I still have a DNG file to experiment with. I'm still trying to find the settings in LR3 that work for me on the DNG colour files as sometimes the colour is too bright for me.
Seems like a nice option. Of course if people don't like the jpegs they don't have to import them, but I guess they're concerned about the space on the card's memory.
Not the greatest photo, but


As I was walking home the other day I heard a band. Having my X1 in my purse (as I usually do) I nipped over to see if there was anything worth photographing. Whatever it was was just finishing and everyone was packing up but, I got out my camera and took a few shots anyway. The two guys (with their great big cameras) came over and told me how much they liked my camera and that it looked great and must take great pictures etc, etc. It made my day.