Leica Leica XVario available in silver now!


It depends on the price. Maybe at USD 800 incl. EFV I`d give it a try. However, when comparing the XT-1 & 18-55mm or A7 plus 28-70mm kit lens prices, I have my doubts I`d pull my credit card even at these price levels.


Its a question of whether you buy cameras on specs or results
The X-vario results can't be argued with. Really spectacular across colours, pop (whatever that is) and sharpness then anything I have seen from a Fuji zoom, for example. And quite unusual to have that across 28-70mm and at all apertures (f3.5 being 1/2 stop off f2.8 ...)
The silver does look good and the thing is made very well.
Whether its worth the price is between you and your bank manager ;)
At least the second hand prices are holding up well, in Leica style ...


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I can confidently say that this camera doesn't stir up any GAS. Which is a good thing for the wallet! Make a version with 28-70/2.8-3.5, and that would be something much more interesting. Or even a constant f4.


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Oh c'mon, that's not true! I've posted at least half a dozen anti-GAS messages! I've had to eat my words on half of those ... but this is definitely not the only anti-GAS post! :p

I don't know Armando. Maybethe diplomatic middle-ground is to call your anti-GAS episodes a 'rare event'? I don't know about half a dozen over the past four years or so we've shared on here mate….:hmmm:
…but maybe? :laugh1:

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