Lens cap quandary


Having lost yet another lens cap today, I've been wondering how best to manage this irritating problem.

I had a spark of inspiration, and the best solution by far seems to be to superglue them to the lens.

So far I can't really think of any downsides, but before I embark on an evening's glueing, can anyone suggest an alternative?
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it doesn't look cool, but a piece of velcro on the front of cap and another on the bottom side of the camera or the ubiquitous lens cap strap (also not very good looking). A UV filter and going capless or stocking up on cheapo made in China lens caps and just not worrying about losing them anymore are the only ideas I have....short of the glueing.
I tend to hate lens leashes for the lens cap, but I find them invaluable for the lens hoods, since I've taken my lens hoods off and put them back on many times, they don't always stay attached when I just have the camera slung over my shoulder.

In terms of keeping lens caps, there are few products out there to address this issue:

I bought the Lens Cap Strap holder during its initial kickstarter phase. I personally don't use it, because I've gone to narrower straps (Domke gripper) that it wouldn't fit on. There is also the issue whether the sizes match the lenses you use: The Lens Cap Strap Holder

Hufa has a clip that holds the cap on your strap. I don't have any experience with this: hufa Home

OPtech/USA has the fast cap: OP/TECH USA Fast Cap and filter cap: OP/TECH USA Filter Cap. If you carry a filter, you could store the lens cap on the filter or in the filter compartment in this holder: OP/TECH USA Filter Pack

The alternative that I tend to use, is just buy a couple of generic lens caps with a center pinch in the appropriate size, and when you lose it, just get the next one. You don't have have a lens cap that advertises what brand of lens you shoot with.

For my smaller micro 4/3rds lenses (Panasonic 20mm, Olympus 14-42mm), I have 3rd party metal lens hoods, and I just keep the cap at home.


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Flashpoint CapKeeper 2 (Model CK-2) Lens Cap Leash (1) FPCL2

One side wraps the lens, the other sticks to the cap. I've also seen what Michael said above with the Photojojo strap cap holder.

The Hufa seems interesting but maybe a chip bag clip would be just as effective? Me-- I pocket the caps. One went through the wash but other than that I haven't lost any yet. I keep losing my eyecup though. Had to tape that on.

As for my lens hoods, I bracelet them. My hands/wrists are small enough to wear them when I am not using them. Interestingly, those don't go through the wash.


well all fine suggestions.
the latest loss was 'cause it fell off the front of the lens ... push-on 36mm od, not easy to come by ...


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I have a couple of pentax ones - piece of cord "stuck" to the lens cap and then attached to body of lens - (4) small pieces of black velcro used - cord stuck to velcro with (as you suggest), superglue

cord can always be easily remove - just separate the small velcro pads on cap and lens

you can then use the same piece of cord on another lens which has velcro "fittings"


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I only use my lens caps when I store the lens, so if out shooing, I leave the lens cap in my pocket until I put the lens away, if I am shooting by the ocean I add a MC UV filter to my lens

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