Fuji Lens Hood for the 35mm 1.4


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Jan 21, 2016
I use the 35mm 1.4 and frequently use a CPL and/or ND filters. I never liked the original Fuji hood with its rectangular shape and, to me, awkward design. I recently bent it and when I looked online an original Fuji was about $60. I looked at several posts and no one seemed to have a good idea of a suitable replacement. I discovered Sensei screw on lens caps a long time ago and thought I would try one of their hoods. I ordered the Sensei 52mm Quick Clip Lens Hood ($14.95) from B&H and it works Great! It basically has one piece that screws onto the front of the lens and it has 4 spring loaded balls and you just push the hood on and pull it off. Also, unlike the square one, you can mount it backward when you are using a filter as I often do. Sensei also makes a 52mm Screw-on Tulip Hood for $4.50.

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