Fuji Lens shade, why am I still waiting


While others have complained about this or that little annoyance with the X100, I find the camera a lot of fun to use and love the image quality but I am dying without a lens shade, how hard could it be to make and sell them. Please Fuji get your accessory stuff together, not batteries, no case, co filter adapter, no shade!
If you don't mind paying a little bit extra Dirk at Japan Exposures can get the hood and adapter pretty fast. He got mine for me and shipping was fast and affordable. I gave up waiting for B&H and took the advice of another forum member. Good luck.
. . . David


The accessories often take longer. The Olympus battery for the E5 camera started shipping about 6 months after the camera was released.


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The hoods ok. I use it but love the profile of the camera without it.
My brother is a machinist. He has my hood. I gave him specs as to what I want.
I want to be able to put it on in reverse when not in use.
He will either redesign mine, fabricate a new one or destroy mine.
I'll know in a few days and will inform all if it works out.
He's good at what he does but, he's my brother so one never knows.
Don - if it comes out to your liking you should recommend he run a "John Milich"-type of operation. John is the guy that mills adapters and lens flanges for coding non-Leica lenses. He's a incredible machinist.
I actually sorta' like the way the hood looks but would prefer it was reversible too. Good luck.
. . . David