Fuji Let's get real


Vicenza, Italy
The X100 is a great camera.
Fuji has been a bit presumptuous, while adventurous and generous towards passionate photographers.
They didn't stick to well estabilished "rules" and that's ok, but there's a point where you get perhaps... off road.
Many, not to say most passionate photographers, for example, use to separate focus from the shutter button. Well... Ahem... Now we have "that" problem with the FW 1.2 just because we must use MF to have this option. It's a trick. We would prefer a separate button as in ANY camera, to separately focus with AF, having all the benefits (box dimension, green ok signal, parallax in the focus point too).
I'm ok to adapt and find virtues and cope with limits, but... let's get real! They are not working well in the SW department.
I welcome the changes they introduced and will update when the FW will get fixed. But why don't they "fix" the most obvious glitches?
And why can't we know where, in MF, the camera is looking for focus with the AFL assistance? I don't mean parallax. You don't know even using EVF or LCD. That sucks, really.
In my modest but now quite irritated point of view, they are not respecting the right priorities. Glad to have a programmable RAW button, but I'd like to focus with a fair amount of certainty. In ANY focusing mode I choose...
What is frustrating is that it's all there! The camera can focus and can do it well. It's the interface that's lacking coherence.

End, sorry, soap box.
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