Lets Shoot some Badgers

Mal Holmes

Liverpool / UK
I'm off on a Badger night shoot, in a month or so... Although I can get shots from my cameras in a low lux, up until perhaps 8-9.pm. any time after that it looks like I'll have to use I.R. Flash and cable release.... I haven't made an I.R. Flash in 30+ years and when I did I was using I.R. film and Pentax LX, so this will be a new experience...

I have checked that the sensors in my digital range (and my new LX5) are I.R. sensitive, by the old remote control test... :)

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Now all I have to do is make the Omnibounce adaptor... luckily I have found another photographer who has made one... and gives a lesson on line.

1 - Stuff you might need | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Have any of our members ever tried this type of set up using digital ??? if so I would be very interested to see some of your results.....


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Badgers. Hmm. I don't think we've got any stinkin' badgers 'round here.:wink: Sorry, I just felt compelled to type that!

Good luck with this photographic shooting of badgers, Mal!