Lightroom 4 webinar at Creative Live


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Aug 25, 2010
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now this type of thing is new to me

do you just enrol and then watch what is happening in the tutorial on the web as the tutorial is presented

and it's free!


Nov 23, 2010

Creative Live has a bunch of classes that they originally broadcast for free. They then hope you will want to buy a recording of the class for future reference. The classes are often like marathons with as many as 7 hours in each day. If a class runs from 9 am to 4 pm PDT on Thursday, they will immediately show 2repeats, until the Friday class begins, for those in different time zones. You can watch without enrolling, and there is the ability to ask questions, although not all are answered. It is usually worth it to tune in and see if you like the instructor.

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