Fuji Lightroom 5.4 available with full XT1 and color profiles...

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you should be able to figure it out...
Hi Ray
Where do you find the color profiles?

Down near the bottom of the right hand "develop" pane under "camera calibration", there's a drop down menu next to "profile" that usually says "Adobe Standard" when you're working on raw files or sometimes "embedded" for jpegs or some types of DNGs. Open a Fuji raw file and there's a drop down menu there containing all of the profiles. There are profiles there for several camera makers, but Fuji is using their film emulation settings and seem to come pretty damn close to their in-camera emulations....



It's definitely an improvement, this was Camera (Fujifilm) standard setting in Lightroom 5.4, it seems to get the colour right more although I haven't run into the watercolour effect so I'll do that once I'm near the trees
DSCF1030 by Will Solis, on Flickr


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Anyone else feeling like 5.4 is noticeably slower than the previous version?

I updated and the first thing I noticed is that it seems to be running 1:1 and Smart Preview generation markedly slower than before. Not sure if that's the update to LR or if there's something else going on with my system though.

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