Fuji Lightroom and Auto DR on X-T2

Yoav Chen

New Member
I noticed that Lightroom doesn't recognize a DR200 when the X-T2 is set to auto DR. The result is a raw under exposed by 1 stop.
I have seen several threads claiming that Lightroom doesn't support this option, however, it works perfectly with my X-T1 raw files.
Is this a known bug in Lightroom or is it something that Fuji changed in their raw files?


It's a well-known bug, Adobe simply doesn't care and repeats it in every new X-Processor Pro model starting with the X-Pro2.
Hi Rico,
Thanks for the clarification.
Its interesting that on many forums this is not referred to as a bug, but as a non supported feature by Adobe - Something that is clearly not true for anyone who owns a previous generation Fuji Camera.

Sadly, there are plenty of new Adobe bugs for X-Processor Pro based cameras thanks to Adobe's utter ignorance to provide decent RAW file support. For example, the new RAW files that come from ISO BKT aren't properly supported, ISO 51200 isn't correctly supported, and the GFX isn't basically supported at all. The only ISO range where Adobe displays the correct GFX brightness on import is 100-250. All other ISOs are off (and so is white balance with high ISOs). Strangely, other converters (often one man shows that aren't even supported by Fujifilm) have no problems with any of this. Take Iridient Developer/Transformer as an example: no problem with extended ISO, no problem with DR (Auto or regular), no problem with ISO BKT, no problems whatsoever. It seems like Adobe is deliberately ignoring RAW metadata and replacing it with their own (wrong) assumptions.