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Nov 16, 2013
I recently returned to LR after Apple decided to discontinue support for Aperture and I have a question about importing photos when shooting RAW+JPEG.

I see there is an option to have LR import the JPEG versions as a "sidecar" of the RAW file - but then as far as I can see there is (1) no option to reverse this - make the JPEG the primary file and (2) there is no way that I can figure out to actually see/access the JPEG file.

I recently purchased the Olympus Pen-F and LOVE the OOC JPEGs and all the various profiles and filters. However, the camera - unless you are shooting RAW+JPEG does not have a setting to provide both the profiled/filtered JPEG and the original normal JPEG - only a RAW file.

That is why I was hoping that you could in LR import both the RAW and JPEG files and sort of have them stacked together with the JPEG on top. (Aperture did allow this and gave you the option of which file would be the primary.) And still have the option of which file you wanted to work with at any given time. I have gone through the Lightroom online manual but don't see a way of doing this.

Any ideas? Thanks.

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