Lisboa trip with LX5 and G9


Oct 12, 2010

Las october I went to Lisboa with my wife, first holiday travel with no kids in 7 years. The weather was very nice and I enjoyed the life in Lisboa, people are very polite and helpful with the tourist. There was many foreign people and I could see many cameras, specially Sony Nex, a nice camera to travel with

I was some time deciding what gear took with me and finally I choose my LX5 nad the G9 from my wife. I felt I was going to annoy my wife with my hobby so I tried to do more tourist shots with (advanced) compact cameras. I missed my 100/2 for street shoting and specially for DOF control, but in 4 years I still cannot take a shot well exposed from the first attempt with my A700, so better to use a compact camera. Next time I will try with a LV camera

EXIF included

Plaza Figueira early in the morning

Los Jeronimos 1

Los Jeronimos 2

Los Jeronimos 3

Los Jeronimos 4


Bridge 25 abril from Belem

Me in Belem

Belem windy and rainy day

Pastelaria from Belem

Red tranvia

Maybe I should have to be more selective, but I enjoyed so much this city that I would like to share with you. I will add some more shots when I upload to my gallery


Dec 24, 2010
First of all congrats on a vactions without the kids (always hard to do). The lx5 did you good. These are great shots and I
really enjoyed them. Thanks for sharing with your peeps.


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