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Newcastle, Australia
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I've just moved again. I have Hamarana which is where I moved my blog from in 2009 when I let the domain go. Letting that go was one of my more stupid moves. I had, over a 10 year period, built up a strong visitor base (prior to blogging I was using a CMS to post info about almost anything that interested me.. that is long gone).

So when I let the domain go, it was jumped on by a squatter who stuck advertising (you know, those fake search sites) on it. I'd been watching to see when it would expire, but someone must have jumped in and paid the money for it (they wanted over $400 to buy it back) and now its lost for another 3 years. I've decided thats just a fruitless exercise and have taken as my new domain.

Please visit Hamarana. Theres no requirement to join or subscribe, and although there's a photography leaning, its a generalised blog which will have other content. Hope you enjoy it (and for those who already subscribed to the other blog, you should already have the notification post regarding the move).

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