Fuji Little help needed to make a decision, X100 vs X100S or wait X100T (or whatever)


I'm totally fallen in Fuji world now and looking for smaller than X-T1 to companion for occasional shooting needs when in eg. working trips etc.

I have access to very mint X100 Black Limited edition camera, but also to mint X100S (silver) cameras. And now I can not decide, or at least it's difficult :)

So my options are:

1) Buy that Limited edition X100
2) Buy X100S

all these are used but in mint condition.


3) wait for the coming new X100T or whatever the name will be.

What I've searched and browsed through articles, reviews and forum messages I got the the understanding that X100S is pretty much more responsive camera, better equipment, so to say. But some people have even 'fallen' back to X100 because of the character. So that makes me wonder what to do.

Thanks in advance if you have time to think and answer to my query!


London, England
I've had an X100 since 2011 and with the firmware updates it has got better over the years to the point where I didn't feel the need to upgrade to the X100s. I do have other Fuji cameras but the X100 still gets used. However your decision isn't a simple one, if you can afford to wait for the next generation, even if it doesn't appeal to you the price of the others will drop. If you need one now then price could be the deal breaker but it may be worth the extra cost for the X100s improvements.

At this point in time I would go for the X100s.
Well, I think it is cheating to listen Rico, but when I'm not in the hurry, I'll listen him. ;)

I just was tempted for the limited edition X100, and I've understood it is still quite capable photographing device...

Peter Chin

If you're collecting by all means X100 Limited but if you're wanting to shoot with newer technology then get a BLACK X100s...

X100s "A" allround, with a little tweak in GIMP:)



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If we always waited for the next iteration of any camera, we'd nevef buy any camera. :)

I think the 's' is enough of an improvement on the original that it makes sense to go for it rather than the X100, even with the firmware updates. That said, since you already have a bevy of lenses, one of the other ILC's and your 23mm f1.4 would do the same job and cost a fair bit less.
Yes, you're absolutely right. If we just wait the next best ever we don't have any opportunities to actually take pictures.

So anyhow I decided to wait Photokina and see what is the new offering from Fuji and either buy x100s cheaper or wait the newcomer. I'm not in a hurry with my X-T1 and have better time to sell Olympus gear.


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I would go for the X100s (Black one), I replaced my original X100 with the X100s (Black) last year and the improvements are well worth the upgrade.

There is no guarantee that PhotoKino will deliver a new camera (X200 or whatever), I would suspect that if anything we will see a replacement for the X-Pro1 and then 6 months or so later a replacement for the X100s.

Here is a shot of my X100s - a superb looking camera I think!


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Well, I got opportunity to buy a travel camera, then. I chose X100S silver. They sold it here new with 699 eur. I thought that's a bargain. I'll pick it up tomorrow, hopefully I made a good decision to resist X100T :S

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