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Apr 11, 2013
San Francisco
The premise of this thread is easy, post a picture of your load out and list what it consists of. If your like me you probably have various load outs so feel free to also describe the reason why your load out is what it is.

Bag - Billingham Combo with Avea 3 pouches attached
Kit - Leica M-E with 18mm SEM and VF attached
Other Lenses - 35mm FLE and 75mm cron
Accessories - Universal Polarizer (w/ E46 & 135 adapters), Heliopan ES77 Polarizer (w/ adapter), 1.25 magnifier (w/ case), two memory cards, iPhone 6, lens pen, knife

Description - This my basic digital load out for shooting in the city I live in, San Francisco, when I don't have a specific subject / event in mind. I really like the spacing in FL of these three lenses and it makes for an extremely flexible load out. The 18mm SEM is mainly for shooting graffiti (in tight alleys) and landscapes. The 35mm FLE is an all around workhorse, great for low light and wide enough for indoor use. The 75 cron doesn't get used enough but it's mainly there for reach. Everything listed fits into the bag with room to space, if I anticipate needing it I will pack a table tripod and release cable too.



Aug 9, 2013
Bakersfield, CA
Here is my load out for urban warfare.

Billingham Hadley Digital (the tiny one) houses my M Monochrom with 50mm f/2 Summicron-M (v5) attached. Next to the camera at the bottom is a 90mm f/2.8 Tele Elmarit (thin), with a soft cloth on top of it and then a 35mm f/2.5 Summarit M. In the front pocket are a yellow and orange filter (usually yellow is on the 50 and orange on the 35, with ND in the pouch) and a spare battery and card.

Depending on mood I'll often swap the 50 Cron for one of my vintage Sonnars, and often will leave the 90mm lens at home and stuff my Sony RX100m2 in its place if I think I might want color. Except for the 50 Cron, these are all the smallest and lightest Leica lenses in their focal lengths. I thought about getting the Summarit or Elmar 50, but I want at least one of my trinity at f/2. Luxes are just too big and heavy.

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