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Sep 26, 2011
Minnesota USA
Kyle Krug
Surly is a hot local brewery and has release parties around some of their seasonal brews. Darkness, a Russian Imperial Stout, is the hardest seasonal to track down at your local liquor store, so a good idea to head down to the release party to try to grab some direct. I couldn't quite talk my wife into camping out the night before (first 1,500 people were able to buy six 750ml bottles each), so we waited in line for the 4pm release of an additional 1,200 bottles.

Second Chance Darkness Line
Getting close to the door after an hour or so in line... lots of people behind us, but they luckily still had 1,200 bottles remaining...
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"... and this one is about a massacre"
"....its called Wounded Knee." metal band played while we were waiting in line for Darkness... couldn't hear what my wife was saying, but somehow the message "you owe me big time" came across clearly. I decided I like Loud, Soft, Loud better than LOUD+1, LOUD+1, LOUD+1.
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Inside the Brewery Warehouse
Skids of Surly Furious ale...
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Jul 7, 2010
betwixt and between
Kyle, your second is my favorite - the angle you shot it at underscores the "loudness" to me, along with that fellow's wide open mouth who seems to be attempting to talk to his friend.:wink: Great post processing! I'm afraid I'd be sending you the same vibes as your wife was right about then, however.:biggrin:

I'm impressed that this local brewery is doing so well and has garnered such a following to make their fall release a happening! "Darkness" released just in time for the long winter months, eh?


Sep 26, 2011
Minnesota USA
Kyle Krug
Thanks for the comments!

@BB: Yeah, it was crazy loud... I was trying to look tough, but it was painful. Bad timing for our position in line as we were right in front of the speakers for their entire set. I ran that image through Color Efex 4 for detail enhancement and lighten center (I really need to stop using this software so much... can't help myself) and then the the 300 Film LR preset (thanks again to dtchan@mu-43 for turning me on to that freebie).

Surly has good beer, imo, and crazy good grassroots marketing. It seems like they produce *just* enough of the seasonals for fans to be able to track down a bottle or two. They sold approx. 10k 750ml bottles at $18 each at the event and customers provided the transportation. :biggrin:
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