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I first joined SeriousCompacts to learn more about getting a camera and grew to love it very much, the problem is i didn't join the regular way but jus using my facebook as credentials but now i just want to create a profile for use but i would have to start all over again.. if any Forum Admins or Moderators couls help me plz reply back to thank you

-Jason Patterson


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I don't know the ins and outs of facebook logins vs the usual accounts. I'm hoping one of the others does. If no one does, I can look into the issue.


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Hi Jason. Sorry but I don't know about this issue either. You might have to wait until Amin is free for an answer. You might want to drop him a PM on it.


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Jason, I can fix that for you. Send me a PM letting me know whether you want to continue with your full name or change to a different user name.
That would be great @ Amin and thanks to everyone for the quick responses.... @ Amin using my full name is just fine by me =) do i need to forward you anything?


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Jason, I've just sent Amin a PM (private message) so he'll get the message. I'm not sure if you are aware that via the Serious Compacts' site one can send and receive private messages and that you can set up your board preferences so that you receive email notification when a PM has been sent. Check this out Serious Compacts FAQ and scroll down to Private Messages where the PM details are explained. It is quite a handy method of communication. :)