Micro 4/3 Logitech Mevo - new m43 streaming camera


Probably Not Walter Kernow
I started using an old GH2 as my webcam during lockdown. And I just finished a virtual interview using the G100 + Olympus 12/2.0 as my webcam.

With the growth of vlogs and stuff, this is definitely a growing market and it's well suited to Micro Four Thirds, as new vloggers are likely price sensitive. It's cool that a well-known brand like Logitech is confident enough in the mount to release this product.

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I started using an old GH2 as my webcam during lockdown. And I just finished a virtual interview using the G100 + Olympus 12/2.0 as my webcam.
Same. Picked up a used GH3 a few years ago + Rode mic, ran it through a cheap hdmi/usb digitiser and I was all set. Biggest hassles I've had are -
  • Sorting out a dummy battery - not strictly required (if you only have a few 30-60m meetings a day you can just charge up but if you have several a day, every day you'll want steady power)
  • HDMI is an evil cable, the connectors put a lot of mechanical stress everywhere and the cables are stiff + the various adapters are nightmarish (getting a t-shaped and/or bendable adapters have helped)
  • Make sure your upload bandwidth isn't constrained as you'll be throwing a lot of video and audio out into the world (although your client will usually adapt to changing conditions)
  • Camera placement - my desk is against a wall so I don't have much depth to play with and tripods have a decent footprint on a constrained surface like a desk, I ended up just resting the camera on a shelf between a pair of screens; works fine but not super elegant and would topple forward if there was a heavy lens on the camera or the hdmi cable was torquing/twisting the body

Otherwise, the quality boost has been fantastic - really positive feedback on video quality for not that much money (if you have a spare old camera body lying around capable of outputting hdmi its a great way to eke some extra life out of it).
I'm really curious about this one - and in fact, it's already got a competitor - the YoloLiv AlphaCam -- with not a lot of information, especially no price yet, but the YouTube videos say it is better than the MevoCore :) https://www.yololiv.com/alphaCam . YoloLiv makes the YoloBox, basically an android device specialized to streaming. I have one - it's a very lightweight device with a good amount of flexibility.

I had the same thought - this is good for M43. The Mevo Core is tied to the Mevo ecosystem, which seems pretty easy to use. Streaming is controlled with a smartphone. AlphaCam appears to require a YoloBox. I can imagine certain benefits of using a camera tied to the box.

I'm monitoring. My YoloBox/OM-1/external mike is pretty light, and works OK together, I need to recommend a setup to my chapel pretty soon, as I'm leaving in a couple of months...