Fuji London Lounge meet, Chinese New Year, 22nd February - who's up for it?


Sunny Frimley
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Bill Palmer
So, here's the suggestion, which I have posted over on Photographer's Lounge.

This year's main celebrations of the Chinese New Year in London will take place on the 22nd of February. It's been a couple of years since I last went and I'm planning to go this year to treat it as a photo-opportunity.

My idea is this; meet somewhere interesting, not too far from Chinatown, but "off the route" - say the Photographers' Gallery in Ramilles Street. They open on Sundays at 11:30, which is a little later than I would like, so I am open to alternative suggestions. Anyway - meet, coffee, chat, maybe mooch around the galleries and shop, then head to Chinatown for the photo-opportunities, and meet afterwards for a well-earned beer, more chat and view of results in somewhere like the Coal Hole on the Strand.

If you think this sounds like a fun idea then please "sign up" on this thread, or the one on Photographer's Lounge.

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