London Olympics through a mirrorless Panasonic and the future of photojournalism


Jul 30, 2012
I just came across this article over at DP Review. For some time now I've been wondering why not more photo journalists are using smaller mirrorless systems or even compacts. I mean, all they make for photos for are newspapers, magazines and websites. Does one really need a bulky DSLR with a set of heavy lenses for that? I remember photographer Alex Majoli shooting award-winning stories with an Olympus compact as far back as 2003 (read that story here) I welcome this for this proves again that it is the eye of the photographer and not the camera that really matters. I'm interested in reading your opinion regarding this subject. Will this become a trend in years to come?
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Jul 15, 2010
The problem for most photo journalist, covering live events, is they are competing with other shooters to cover the story and they need cameras that can shoot a lot of frames without hitting a buffer, something none of the mirror less cameras can do at the moment, they also usually need fast long and wide glass, battery life, and they need to put up with a little rough handling. But I guess it also depends on one’s assignment, if you are doing some more slower storytelling approach then I am sure one could shoot with what ever gave you the results you like.
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