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Just arrived back in Manila from a visit home. I didn't take that many pictures being too busy meeting and greeting family and old friends and eating far to much. Here are a few I managed while in London. These were all taken with the X-E2 and the 18-55 lens.

This first one is taken at the Serpentine in Hyde Park. I just liked the line up of the seagulls across the lake.


Next are a couple of shots of the front of the Tate Modern aka Bankside. This is a regular stop on my visits to London and is currently hosting a great photography exhibition called Conflict. Time. Photography. Well worth visiting if you're in London.



This next is a scene I shoot every time I visit the Tate Modern. This view of St Paul's Cathedral and the Millennium bridge is taken from the 3rd level balcony.


Finally, an evening shot looking down the river with the Shard dwarfing Southwark Cathedral on the right, Southwark Bridge in the foreground and Tower Bridge in the distance on the left. I was quite pleased with the way this one turned out given that it was shot at 1/30th on a very windy Millennium Bridge which sways with the wind and bounced with the passing foot traffic. The stabilisation in the lens did a good job here.


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