Looking for a "Serious Fixed-Lens Compacts" site?


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Here is its description: So as far as I can see, there are no limitations. Amin wrote
..our Flickr group remains more focused on small sensor, fixed lens cameras, although not exclusively so.

I should add that the focus of the Flickr group has not been by any choice of mine. As the admin for that group, whenever asked, I reply there as I do here - that all cameras which the owner considers to be small are included. However, I noticed that a lot of the interest there has been on the fixed lens, small sensor cameras.


I don't understand why people are flaming otto. He has a choice and preference and who are we to tell him that he's wrong? It's different if you guys kept a spirit up that he should reconsider for a while, but for the most part, people are telling him he's wrong about his own preferences.


I don't see anybody being "flamed" ... indeed it is one of the strengths of this forum that, in general, it is a civil place ... although there are always the occasional exception, of course ...
I read through the thread as well- and did not see any flamewars in process. Stating that this is an "Anything Goes" site and then asking for advice from members of this forum for a site more appropriate for the OP's interest, would have invoked a serious flamewar on many forums.

No one had an answer as in "Try this site" with a link.

I've seen sites dedicated to one camera, or a tightly-bound set of cameras- they either fail, or they expand to meet the overall interest of the membership. That means adding more forums for different types of cameras.

A site dedicated to "serious fixed-lens compacts" would rule out zoom lenses, but would include a lot of film cameras. You would probably pick up a lot of Canonet users.

I do not know of any sites that are dedicated to serious fixed-lens compact cameras. Even in the day of the Canonet and Olympus RC, they were billed as the "Fun Camera" used by professionals.


Have to say I agree with snake (about Otto's post), I've been a little surprised by the responses to Otto. If he feels he wants a more specialised site what is the point in talking up this site that he already knows about. If he is looking for something different then by definition it isn't this site.

Have you tried rangefinder forum Otto. Not quite what your looking for perhaps but specialised in a slightly different way to this one.


Going back to Otto, it's not being taken seriously that this forum has a fixed-lens area, but it looks like the content is not what he's looking for. And why?


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Otto genuinely wants to find a particular website, and some of us have tried to think of one that would meet his needs. Unfortunately for Otto, no one, thus far, has come up with one that is solely about his interests

Back to Otto's initial question:
Does anyone know of a "Serious Fixed-Lens Compacts" website? While I like this site, I was hoping it was going to be for just that, small fixed-lens advanced compact cameras rather than "anything goes" type of site. There are plenty of those around already.

I'll continue to participate here, but would like to find someplace that specializes with the cameras of the XZ-1, LX-x, Sxx, GRxx, X10x, G9.10.11.12 etc. type of cameras. You know, fixed/zoom-lens, advanced/serious compacts.


Otto was not rude, he asked a perfectly legitimate question. Let's keep on Otto's topic. If someone can help him out, that would be great.
Rangefinderforum was suggested to Otto as a possible forum for fixed-lens, serious compacts. It is probably more of an "anything goes" forum than this one. In 2004, Canonets reigned supreme on it. Now, it ranges from P&S to Large-Format cameras, DSLR's to Barnack Leica's.

Of the forums that I know of, THIS one is as close as I know to what the OP is after. That particular Forum would benefit from more posts. This is where the OP can make a difference. Place more posts in it, ask for advice, show results, etc.

I use a Black Canonet Ql17L for my serious, fixed-lens compact camera. Made from parts cameras. Debated using it for the January project, but I needed a good push to load up the Nikon SP. I leave a 5cm f1.4 on it 80% of the time, anyway. But I just picked up a 2.8cm F3.5 Nikkor for it. So maybe I'll switch the project-cam to the Canonet, after reading this thread. I doubt that anyone on this forum will ask for advice on tearing down a Canonet, but if they do: I will be sure to post instructions on doing it.


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In reply to Otto: I also go to a Fuji Forum for the X-10 but I haven't found the specific forum you seek. I think most of the forums are "non-DSLR" or brand forums or even specific camera forums rather than the "non-interchangeable lens cameras". The small sensor is often part of these cameras but not always, i.e., the X100. It's difficult for many to exclude small EVIL cameras like the E-PM1 since there are so many overlapping concerns, not to mention members that have both. The problem is that this category has such soft boundaries that it's hard to keep such a forum from expanding into other areas.

Since you don't seem to like the SC subfourms, may I ask if you are looking for something similar to this site but a bit more edgy? This is a friendly forum (to use a less insulting term) as opposed to the more confrontational variety like dpreview. The forums I have seen that concentrate on photos and criticism are often not specific to cameras types. For the record, I still frequent the Pentax Discussion Mailing List (PDML). It's an email list and not a forum, but it's a wonderful combination of friendly discussion, image criticism, and technical information. It's friendly but it can escalate edgy fairly quickly. :wink:

If you do find something suitable, please let us know. I imagine there are others here who might be interested as well, at least on an occasional basis.

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For my part I am grateful for this site, and wish in that spirit to encourage the administrators in the face of criticism. As a long time SLR and DSLR user (first Canon and then Nikon and Pentax), I have been introduced to the fine options available from compact cameras by the helpful people on this site. Frankly, I did not take small compacts seriously until I stumbled onto this site, and I don't even remember how that happened (:redface:). In any case this site, with its breadth of coverage, has opened up new vistas for me. I have grown tired of hauling around my DSLRs when I don't need to. Now I have a serious compact with me most all the time, and this has been a boon to my photographic experience. And my stock agent has been accepting photos for their files taken with compacts, which is not necessary for me, but definitely a bonus. As with all life experience, anyone who feels they are not benefiting from something will have to make the changes they feel they need. That is not a bad thing, just one of the differences common to us humans. Best wishes, Otto, and anyone else who shares his concerns.


I would suggest a dedicated Thread/sub forum to 'Compact Zoom fixed lens cameras' ..bit of a mouth full I know whether it would suit you Otto? it would suit me because I use mainly that type of cam: along with my Nex 5 which hasn't been out during the winter months here in the UK much at all.
That said; I am still interested in the other sub: forums and will carry using them.

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