Fuji Looking for an excuse to get a new toy

Should I give in to GAS and get....

  • A Tamron 18-300 travel zoom

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • A Viltrox 13mm for those stars

    Votes: 1 5.9%
  • A Samyang 12mm for those stars!

    Votes: 1 5.9%
  • A Fuji 35mm F2 just beacuse

    Votes: 8 47.1%
  • Some other thing (please elaborate)

    Votes: 4 23.5%
  • Nothing, I'm all set

    Votes: 3 17.6%

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As it was in the past, it's about time: in two weeks I'm heading into Mangystau first and then I'll reach Uzbekistan by train.
Mangystau is a striped desert and Uzbekistan is full of ancient cities , so it's going to be quite a visual treat.

I was thinking of bringing this kit
X-E4 with 16mm f/2,8
X-E4 with 27mm f/2,8
Sigma 56mm f/1,8 and/or Fujifilm XC 15-45mm
the tiniest tripod on earth

But, maybe I can't do without some shiny new something, would you help?
Space will be limited so the smaller the better.
Thank you all
I would go for (35mm equiv) am old school 3 set of primes:
  • wide 20 - 28mm
  • standard 35-50mm
  • portrait/tele 135mm
I've found that this way the lenses don't fight each others role.
You've kinda got that, but your zoom will fight for usage with the primes a lot. And your primes aren't super bright, which makes them harder to justify.
Additionally, your 56mm doesn't have a lot of reach either.

Personally, I would ditch the 27mm f/2,8 & Sigma 56mm f/1,8 And take a 35mm instead f2 or f1.4 are both fine.

And maybe get the Fuji 90mm if you are rich or the viltrox 85mm if you are sensible. Or just any tele zoom if you like to take photos of far away stuff.
I looked at those image links and they totally said WIDE ANGLE to me...awesome ancient buildings, inside and out...plus those vistas. The Viltrox 13mm would be great if it was f/2.8...at 1.4 it's an insane bargain (and yes I have one).
I voted for the 35 f2 to take instead of the 27. I would also consider a cheaper tele-zoom like the 50-230. I haven’t used mine much since I got the 70-300 (and I probably should sell it) but it is definitely serviceable if you need some reach.
Not sure I have much to contribute except for one thing - if I were traveling into a relatively remote area, I would want to have a weather sealed body. My current X-T5 is weather sealed - as was its predecessor, the (nearly equally capable and wonderful) X-T3. The X-E4 is smaller which is probably a good thing but having weather-sealing might be really helpful. Along the same lines, my lens choice would start with the 35mm f/2 'Fujicron' - both because it's weather-sealed and because it's simply a truly great (and small) lens. Then you would have a camera + lens that you could (theoretically) use under any conditions, no matter how bad.

After that, probably a zoom of some sort - maybe the relatively inexpensive (and almost universally appreciated) Fujifilm 50-230mm?
Personally, being more attracted to primes than zooms, I would also consider getting the excellent but affordable Viltrox 85mm (the one @Tili recommended).

Decisions, decisions, decisions... Good luck!
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Go wide and get the Fuji 8mm or Laowa 9mm/2.8 - but maybe that is just me 😀
To shoot architecture like old temples and palaces, you need to go wide, 9mm should be useful, at least 14mm. When traveling, I bring both. 27mm is my go-to lens for general photography. Your 56mm will find use if you like to do some portraits an can sometimes be used for landscape. When traveling I also bring my 55-200 but don't use it much often, only for wildlife and sunsets (and it take much place...).

So I think you should add a very wide angle lens to your 27mm and 56mm and you will be all set.
how about an Instax Link Wide.

Could be fun, and good for connecting to people handing out some prints.

And you get to keep the digital pic.

(disclaimer, I have one 🤓 )