Micro 4/3 Lost and Found Leica

Susan Sande

Aug 3, 2011
Upper left USA
My husband has used a Leica V-LUX 20 since they introduced it a few years ago. He's hiking in Spain right now and last week mid morning found that his camera had walked its way out of its belt pouch and was gone (he swore he'd zippered at his last stop...). Totally bummed but figured he had his iPhone with him and would use its camera for the remainder of his trip. At his final stop of the day a fellow hiker (woman) was going through the courtyard asking if anyone had lost a camera earlier in the day! Dave said yes!!! She first asked what color the camera was - he answered black. Then asked what brand it was and Dave answered Leica. She then took it out of her pocket. She asked if there were any other identifying marks or anything else on or in it (while still hiding the Leica red logo). And Dave answered back that there were pictures of himself at various stops and she looked before handing him the camera. He's still wondering if she wouldn't have surrendered it if his pictures weren't in it :confused: He now knows why he's seen people with camera leashes hooked to their backpacks!


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Dec 6, 2011
Found a cellphone in a park one time. I tried calling the cell company to locate the customer after spending over an hour walking around the park asking people if anyone lost a phone. The carrier said they couldn't accept it. I had wanted them to contact the owner and either mail it to them or have them pick it up thus staying out of the phones call log and allowing the owner their privacy. Cell company said they didn't provide that kind of service, reuniting owners with lost phones, and so I went into the call log, the most recent most dialed number and called that person on the lost cell phone and told them that their friend had lost their phone and that I had it. After an agreement to meet in a public place, a task which my husband took over for me, phone was reunited with owner. I still can't believe a carrier won't return a phone to a customer if it is handed in as lost. But then I guess that would prevent them from selling said phoneless customer another phone and contract deal.

Your husband was very lucky that the woman who found the camera was a good samaritan. While I like to think that most people are inherently good, it doesn't seem to be that way with lost goods all the time. One mans loss is another mans gain. I'm sure with all her questioning she just wanted to make sure the true owner got the camera back. If his face wasn't in the photos he still could have told her what else was and she would have given it to him. Afterall anyone could say 'sure it's mine' and hold their hand out, only one can tell you what is in it. :)

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