Lost (or found) in translation

Irene McC

I was trying to find information about the Sigma 28-70 mm lens I'm using. I remember buying it used several decades ago
but it's impossible to find the exact model anywhere online. But there is a great comment I found on a Russian site - I like this expression!

Sigma Review russian comment translated.JPG

I used to work with a guy who was from Micronesia, so English was definitely not his first language.

Gene would read the dictionary at night and come to work the next day with a passel full of new and interesting words.

He could curse you out 57 ways from Sunday, and you wouldn't have a clue.... :whistle:

He was quite the character.
I remember looking at a pillow on eBay about 10 years ago, clearly before language translation was more abundantly available. The description had me in tears, as it largely made absolutely no sense. I do distinctly remember one of the features of the pillow; “The chong elucidates”. What the hell does that mean 😂