Pentax Lovin my Pentax Q and adapted Canon Cine lenses...


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Direct from camera using old school (1957) lenses from Canon.

Here's the setup:

and it's a perfect travelling setup:


Shot taken with the 50mm f2.2 Canon Cine lens attached via a D-Mount adapter on both the lens and the camera (Canon lenses are bayonet mount by default).


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And fast 13mm is f1.4. The 50mm is f2.2 but it has some of the nicest rendering I have seen. The second fave is the 38mm f1.8. Nice compression and the look of the digital images is great in my opinion.
Thanks super8man!

Just picked up a Q10. I bought it mainly for a class I teach, photography for kids grades 4-8. But I have enjoyed adapted lenses on my m4/3 so i figure it might be fun on the Q as well. I will have to keep an eye out for any of these lenses.