Fuji Lovin' the new Replichrome II Lightroom and ACR presets

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Totally Rad just launched their Replichrome II presets yesterday, and these are designed to reproduce the great slide films, rather than the print films of Replichrome 1.

I have to say I'm really lovin' the look of these presets, especially the Fujifilm presets, not surprisingly.

Here's a quick comparison (slight image dimension size differences; they are both from the same original image). All images Fuji X-T1 and the wonderfully good 18-55 zoom.

F12 Ferrari, processed and sharpened with Iridient Developer, the usual adjustments in LR (black/white points, etc) and the Clarity adjustment in Topaz. Looks great; overall, I was pleased with the results of this edit.


The same image, now processed with Totally Rad's Replichrome II Provia 100 Calibrated preset.


Uh...wow! :biggrin: This really put the finishing touch on an image I was already quite happy with.

Another example with a Ferrari 599 Fiorano GTB. Also a Provia 100 preset.

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