Ricoh Low Light Hi BW GRD4

Think what you will about the image, it's the data that interests me more about this one. For me, this alone is enough reason to upgrade to the GRD4, I realise it's early days though.
My hands shake a bit, more so when I press the shutter button. Hand held, 1/4 sec, ISO80 f4...

Quickly raised the fill light to 80 in LR3, nothing else done.

Exposure Time 1/4
F Number 4
Exposure Program Aperture priority
ISO Speed Ratings 80
Metering Mode Pattern
Flash Flash did not fire, compulsory flash mode
Focal Length 6
White Balance Auto white balance
GRD4 – Sat Nam


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Craig, what, are you getting commissions from Ricoh? You surely will aide the sales of the camera with a simple test result like that.
So tell me, how do you like the IS? I hear it's supposed to be wonderful.
Praytell my friend.....
Ha, no, I wish! I just like to see what things can do so I do this kind of stuff for myself and figured it might help others too.
The IS is nice, so nice that I have had to check that a] it's on, b] it exists and c]it's on again. It's unobtrusive, doesn't slow anything down that I've noticed so far. There's nothing to tell you it's on or working and I think it'd be good to have some kind of notification of when it's at work. The only way I know that it has worked is that I know I could never hold the camera still for 1/4 second!

Here's the 100% crop btw


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Craig, here's an issue for me and maybe things are different with the 4.
On my 3 and GXR, if I use HiBW, I can't change shutter speed or aperture.
Is it still the same? I find this most frustrating. I'm working my GXR S10 in HiBW only but can't control exposure.
Any ideas?

If you are handholding at 1/4 sec, it must work great or your a heck of a lot younger then me.
I hope this doesn't post three times - keeps disappearing.
You can now change mode while in a colour setting. So, for EG you can select aperture priority while shooting Hi BW.
Hope that helps
ok - this might work on the GRD3 too?
You've got three 'my settings' modes.
On the GRD4 you put your camera into aperture priority, Jpeg, and hi BW modes. Then register these settings under My1 for example. Once registered go to 'edit my settings' for My1. There is an option 'change shoot mode'. You can put the camera into 'A' or 'S' for example, while shooting hi BW. It's a bit of a delve into the menu but you can just register the settings as a custom mode for future use.
Try registering some settings on the GRD3 then editing them - is there an option to change shoot mode? If not it's a new feature I guess.


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Craig, this is a nice way to work. Unfortunately the GXR doesn't work that way. I'm expecting a firmware update and maybe this will be included.
Thanks for the support....
Now get to posting some photos...I'm really anxious to see what ya do.