Ricoh Low light with the Nokton f1.2 35mm and the GXR A12-M

Cristian Sorega

Some pictures I took with my new Nokton f1.2 35mm and the GXR A12-M, I already had the Nokton f1.4 35mm but decided to get the f1.2 to replace it because if you want a low light lens you might as well get the best, right?
So far the lens is fantastic, I prefer the feel and handling of it and the quality is better, it has no fringing, flare and is also sharper but it is very heavy and big, very big actually. Most people will most likely be happy with the smaller and very capable f1.4, for the money saved you can get the fantastic Heliar f4.5 15mm. Still I like my fast lenses so it was worth the extra money.

Focusing is not always easy since the DOF is very shallow.








For more pictures with the Nokton you can check out my blog here: Cristian Sorega Photography: Voigtlander Nokton 35mm
And for more from the Long Table series go here: The Long Table - a set on Flickr


Sunny Frimley
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Bill Palmer
Cristian, there are some great shots here. The ones that sing off the screen for me are the first and last. I'm interested in your experiences with fast glass on the GXR; I have a 50mm Sonnar 1.5 but it is a little long on the Ricoh body and I have been contemplating a fast 35... Hmmm...

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