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I'm running the latest version of LR CC, and I think it is a backward step on previous versions.

I run LR on a laptop with an external monitor. I tend to have the workspace open on the laptop and use the external monitor as my preview (because it is calibrated). However, I notice that if I zoom the external monitor view to 100% it doesn't refresh and stays at a lower res image. If I then zoom in on the view on the laptop monitor, it will show the loading icon and then reload as a higher res - the secondary monitor will then show the sharper image at this point as well. This was not the case before Adobe made all of their speed improvements.

I also think that the phase of building 1:1 previews after importing is significantly slower than it used to be, and makes the whole program laggy whilst it is working. I used to be pretty happy with LR, but I'm beginning to reconsider - maybe now that some of the others have film simulations it might be time to look elsewhere.

Is anyone else seeing better/worse performance since Adobe made their changes?


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From the Lightroom Queen. Might be of interest.

The latest Lightroom Classic update had a bit of a bumpy ride, with a lot of new bugs in the 7.3 release at the beginning of April. I think they simply tried to make too many improvements in too short a time frame, and overestimated what they could accomplish. On the up side, some of the new features (like the large preset preview, after 7 years of asking!) showed that they are listening to customer requests.

The team has already released a 7.3.1 hot fix which fixes the biggest issues, especially around presets and profiles. Further related issues should be fixed in the upcoming 7.4 release.

One notable outstanding issue is when an external storage device (e.g. SD card or external drive) is ejected or falls asleep, Lightroom stops responding(Windows only). This should also be fixed in the next release, but at least now you know the trigger, you can avoid it!

Some people are also finding that the new large preset preview significantly affects performance, so Adobe is making some changes in the next release.

There was one nice new feature that slipped under the radar. Do you have too many presets? You can now mark the most frequently-used ones as favorites. Simply right-click on the preset and select Add to Favorites. The preset then appears in the new Favorites group at the top, as well as in its normal Preset Set.

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