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Jan 7, 2013
Cheshire, England
Martin Connolly
I’ve recently installed the Luminar 3.2 update. I had to create a new catalog, as it decided to create a new copy of each photo every time I opened the program (in the catalog, that is, the photos themselves stayed singular). Once that was fixed, I’m quite impressed with the speed of the software, and it hasn’t crashed yet, which is a big improvement.
Buoyed by this success, I downloaded a trial copy of Luminar 4. I don’t like the new simplified interface (I like the workspaces/filters system in L3). But the AI sky replacement is gobsmackingly good. Here’s an original photo:

I took that into Luminar 4, applied a “bleached drama” look or some such thing, chose one of the dramatic sky variants and increased the “relight scene” slider to about 50.
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You may or may not like the overall look, but the way the new sky has been added in is pretty cool. Of course, you need a good variety of skies or all photos will look the same, but my scepticism about the software has definitely softened quite a way.


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Jan 27, 2012
Los Angeles
I like the look Martin. It completes the transformation.

I liked L2018 and was ecstatic when they announced a free upgrade to L3. I had the idea that it could be an all in one solution for me.
Needless to say I reverted back to 2018 and for the most part gave up on Luminar.
I recently saw a video about the sky replacement and decided to try it as well.
I too have a softened skepticism.

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